We are a Louisville, KY-based real estate investment firm working with real estate investors, agents, private money lenders, and other professionals.

Real estate investors: Are you looking for your next great flip? Awesome! We would love to put you on our wholesale buyers list and vice versa. Finding deals for each other is beneficial to everyone involved.

Private money lenders: Are you frustrated with the returns you have been getting from the stock market or bank? Did you know that you can get a HIGH RETURN on a LOW-RISK investment? Welcome to the world of private money lending, my friend. We want to work with you! We want to pay you a higher interest rate so we can borrow your money to rehab our next house.

Real estate agents: You can never have too many potential house buyers. We want to be on the top of your list whenever you have a property to sell.

Contact us by calling 502-822-3633 or by submitting your information on the Contact Page and we will reach out to you!